Homeschooling/Unschooling with the Giggles

Welcome to our learning journey where we will be sharing bits and pieces of how and what we learn!

IzGirl is almost 5 and NBoy is almost 3; we are glad to take you through our colourful journey!


To School or Not to School

Introduction to the 5 senses

Fun ways to learn numbers (preschool to kindergarten)

  1. Erase the right one
  2. Park your Car
  3. Abacus: Counting

Learning colours

  1. Colour the traffic lights:preschool 

    Learning to read with Jolly Phonics


    Cooking with the Cheeky Giggles

    1. Mushroom and Spinach wholemeal linguine

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    The Unsupervised Access Basket of Books Any time we need a break from our adult led lessons or sometimes, a break from a lousy day, reading a beloved book never fails to save the day. But those books stay in the bookshelf, far away from curious and carefree fingers. Fellow bibliophiles would understand the need to keep these books safe from even their actual owners😅 Stronger than my fear of damaging books is my desire to make sure my children grow up with less unnecessary restrictions as possible and an abundance of opportunities to satisfy their natural curiosity. This Unsupervised Access Basket of Books is my solution. It's filled with board books, picture books and some story books I get for good deals at our local second hand bookstore, @hopbalert. They are well aware of my constant hunt for books and keep me informed of new additions! I have a good family friend who adds to my supply too. @chethiya.perera: I owe it to your mom for regularly adding to our book collection😀💜 This basket is placed by the sitting area in their room and contains some finger puppets too. I found this colourful weaved and wire basket at @ramez_oman Deciding not to own a television means the kids have nothing left to do after a day of playing and activities; they unwind by picking a book and finding a comfortable position, which could be lying on the cushions or doing handstands by the wall! What tips have you tried out to make your journey a little easier? Do share for we always love to hear from you! #homeschooling #homeschoolers #muscathomeschoolers #motherhoodthroughinstagram #motherhoodunplugged #muslimhomeschool #mommylife #mommyblog #muscatblogger #readingnook #reading #bookstagram #books #bibliophile #childrensbooks #tips #hacks #boardbooks #jollyphonics #inspired #childhood #childled #wordpress #colourful #motherhoodunplugged #ig_motherhood #letthembelittle #teachersfollowteachers #momsfollowmoms #teachersofinstagram

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