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Baby product review: Tummy Tub

If the thought of correctly holding a fragile newborn seems a daunting prospect, think again about the process of bathing/washing such a tiny bundle.

Quest to quell my fear of the unknown led me to sign up for a prenatal class when expecting my first child, where they succeeded in further confusing me with labelled buckets and several steps.

While researching more on safer bathing equipments geared towards mothers looking for closer to nature options and requiring minimum assistance, stumbled upon the TummyTub, a product that I have never regretted spending good money on.


TummyTub is essentially a deep tub that could easily be confused for a mop bucket due to it’s deceptively regular looking exterior. In fact, it is far from being ordinary as the tub is molded to resemble the shape of the womb and provide comfort of the familiar first home for the little beings. It comes highly recommended by midwives and encourages mothers to independently care for their babies.
The transparent tub that comes in few colours indicates the maximum level of water to be filled before the baby is lifted into a foetal like sitting position that they practised for 9+ months. As for any other bath tub, constant vigilant supervision is required but all you need to do is hold the little one under the chin to prevent the head from slipping in and the baby will do the rest.

This is the positon the baby will be in the tub; can be used from infancy till toddler stage.

Along with the obvious advantages of easy handling and usage, what won me over was the pure contentment and the blissful smiles of my babies as they floated in their natural habitat of the yester months.

It was a lifesaver especially during those cranky evenings of growth spurt stages or being annoyed at me, the milk-lady forgetting to change a dirty diaper; strip the angry squealing being down to the birthday outfit and lower into the tub and lo behold! calm as a cucumber. Or as calm as the few minutes of silence before they detect I am about to sip a hot drink.

The other feature that would appeal to most mothers would be that it does not require any heavy lifting or an opportunity for the man of the house to flex his muscles. You can use a stable platform or purchase the stool that is specifically meant for this and fill it up in few minutes. It scores more points for not using up a lot of water.

If nitpicking for drawbacks, it would be the price of the product coupled with the delivery charges and the fact that it is quite difficult to wash the hair.

The latter was not an issue in our case since the TummyTub was almost always for the evening wash; hair gets washed only in the mornings at our home although an occasional wash was required on the nights when the tiny individual decides to headbutt the bowl of mushy bananas. Not very sure about how long the product can be used but we used it for more than 8 months and despite appearances, the tub can hold a chunky baby quite comfortably too. We packed up the tub only when it got difficult to prevent the giggling attempts at escaping from the tub.

With every baby comes new joys and ridiculously expensive products that do not see the light of day after a couple of uses; for us, the TummyTub was thankfully not one of those products.

It would not be ideal if one prefers a more regular bath routine or prefers to wash the hair at night but it would be worth including it in the list of essentials if you have a history of having to deal with the dreaded colic.

Ideally, I would credit the place I first saw the TummyTub but that would mean having to admit to stalking a profile for several weeks to scrutinise the use of the new contraption; will allow my good intentions to rest for the timebeing.

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