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One pot Mushroom and capsicum pasta

A love for eating does not necessarily lead to a love for cooking. In that context,a love for cooking does not necessarily result in a love for cleaning up. My averison to cleaning up is such that I would go to extremes to find recipes that call out for the least number of utensils and… Continue reading One pot Mushroom and capsicum pasta

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Homemade Play dough(Basic)

Mothers are creatures with strange fetishes; they creep across the dark dungeons of “expected milestones” and do the dark deeds of comparing them with their progeny. If they exceed expectation, all’s well. If they do not, they immediately swerve down the guilt-wrecked road till the milestone has been hit. The cycle continues with every popular… Continue reading Homemade Play dough(Basic)


Homemade Lollipops(hard candy)

Growing up with 2 different movie versions of Willie Wonka’s magical confectionery and a craving for sugar has led me down many nights of experimenting with recipes and concoctions. This has often resulted in decadent chocolate delights and sometimes, a burnt beyond recognisable bakeware. Despite the showers of blessings I would receive every morning after… Continue reading Homemade Lollipops(hard candy)