10 reasons why I am the best mother in the world


1. Only I know exactly what temperature my little girl needs her bath water to be.
2. Only I can nourish my nursing little boy when he is hungry or is feeling miserable.
3.Only the beat of my heart against her ears can send away the monsters from my little girl when she wakes up in fear.
4. Only my arms can comfort my little boy after yet another fall.
5. Only I know the exact ratio of peanut butter to raspberry jam in her sandwich.
6. Only I know the right consistency of his favourite oatmeal.
7. Only I can predict her gentle moments and the moments she needs to cuddle.
8. Only my kisses can ease their Ouches and cries.
9. Only my love can soothe their little beings as they veer dangerously towards a dreaded tantrum.
10. Only I can be the best mother in the world, for my children are my world.

No doctorate in child psychology or child development will do.

No paediatric qualification will do.

No gazillion years of experience will do.

No advanced age or hierarchical status will do.

Only you will do.

Only you can be the best mother for your children.

Only you can be the best mother in the world because your children are your world. In that beautiful world, you are the Sun.

Shine bright.No.Matter.What.

Happy Mommying!


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