Your Islam is not The Prophet’s Islam


Utter the words of the shahaadah and you are a Muslim

Says your Islam.

Mean them with your heart and soul as one, then get your name,

Says the Prophet’s Islam.


Cover your face, remain home and hamper any form of education,

Says your Islam.

Use the protection your covering provides and educate your women,

Says the Prophet’s Islam.


Overcomplicate the guidelines, quote out of context and embroil in quarrels

Says your Islam.

Use the Quran as a guide to life and empower your minds

Says the Prophet’s Islam.


The face of piety for the world to see with a heart blacker than the veils you shroud,

Says your Islam.

Cleanse your hearts, love one and all, and wish for good,

Says the Prophet’s Islam.


Shoot words of hatred at any difference and tag them under your Islam,

Gentle guidance, kind chiding and beckon in love is Prophet’s Islam.

Wounding hearts with your cold cruel words, all in the name of your Islam

Bearing with patience , advising in kindness, easing discomfort for another being,

That my friend, is the Prophet’s Islam.


Calling people disbelievers and boasting of your prayers for their souls,

Be vengeful in the name of religion: trademarks of your Islam.

Be the private light for the misguided but with words soaked in love

Be the shoulder for the confused and never shun them into guilt,

Says the Prophet’s Islam.


Discuss the tiffs of other households and pass your judgments atop your mighty thrones,

For hypocrisy is the favoured colour of nothing but your Islam.

Help where you can and if you are asked- adorn in the cloaks of silence otherwise,

Uphold principles with pure intentions for Him and not the world,

For kindness is the favoured colour of the Prophet’s Islam.


Backbite of your kin for the pure joy of malice

Wish for the downfalls of those whom one does not adore

But wear your cloaks and prostate for the world,

Those are the commands of your Islam.

Appease drowning kinships and speak of them well,

Be aware of your thoughts lest they turn into words,

Intend your prayers for Allah and follow them for Him,

Enshroud yourself in gentleness and peace along with your cloaks,

For those are the commands of the Prophet’s Islam.


By the term “your Islam”, the verses refer to the man-made versions of the teachings of the Quran. It refers to the results of the twisting of the message by people who adjust it to fit their requirements. It is for every coward who uses Islam’s name to hide the shortfalls of their personalities. 



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