A bite of your heart


The sound of applause shakes the walls of an auditorium; victory  brings about such a tremor.  Look between the gaps of happy faces and one would find the grim smiles and courteous claps. Look further into the mouths that smile without it ever reaching the eyes. Clutch your heart in fear as their resentment seeps into the ground and vibrates with a tremor that threatens to engulf the joy.

Do not be too hasty to dismiss yourself from the likes of the ones who clap as described above. Envy does not isolate itself to the wicked and the cruel; it holds the power to creep its way into the hearts of the pious and kind too. It is that tiny stomach-cramp like feeling described as a kick in the gut when your best friend wins something you usually win. Does not last for long in most cases and is almost always replaced by happiness for the friend.

It is the bitter taste when you admire an outfit on a person, or see the usually well-dressed girl in yet another stunning head gear.  That pause as you take a second to swallow your misplaced irritation when having to compliment someone on an event well done or a win? That is envy.

Left alone, it disappears. But once you brood over it, it snuggles down over kindness and squashes your compassion. Breeds faster than yeast with sugar- resentment, anger, egotism and even narcissism  are some of the offsprings.

If not for the sake of your poor laden heart, stop the madness for the sake of the other.

The girl in the lovely scarf that you wish she was not wearing may be wondering what form of abuse awaits her as she returns home.

Will you begrudge her the occasion to dress in a nice manner if you knew of her fate?

The couple whom you wish were not so happy because they stand holding hands or post pictures of themselves out and about could be holding on tight to ease the stabbing of infertility.

The success of the event that you are so miffed about simply because the host or hostess is not someone you actually like to break bread with; will you begrudge them this small victory if you knew they had to return home to loveless marriages or impending financial crisis?

The exam results that has got you all wound up because the child was from a family that irks you; will you resent if you knew the heartbreaks the family has faced?

No one walks around with their hearts on their shoulders or their real life stories broadcasting on their profiles. What remains constant is that everyone has a story, some more clouded with pain than others.

No one owes anyone their stories. You have no right or excuse to be aware of another person’s life before remembering to be nice to them; that should be a given.

Envy creeps in without notice but nip it in the bud for it paves the way to vicious rumours and wrecking of lives.

Envy eats nothing, but its own heart. It eats away all the good and survives on bad vibes.

Do not belittle or begrudge anyone their small victories because they might be fighting bigger wars than you may know.

If leading stores can hide their damaged goods behind ornate packaging with reduced prices and people still buy them knowing of the small dent despite the lack of advertising of it, why is it difficult to extend the same courtesy to a human being?



I neither produced nor own the above  image and it has been included in the blog only after searching and failing to note a copyright. Do inform if otherwise to make amends.


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