Eggcoli sandwhich

Do excuse the title for sounding far from edible and more like an invented would-be pandemic disease; continue reading for more insight into the acute lameness of said sandwich.

When you have spent the whole day arranging and rearranging your family meal plan, pantry cupboards, closets and the children’s room in the latest DIY fad, one does get exhausted. After all, doing the said organising on Pinterest is the first step towards all the tasks/ideas one never gets around to.

An entire day of obsessive browsing later, you are faced with the daunting task of feeding the young. The realisation of the lateness of the hour followed by the guilt-wrecked dawning of a vegetables-less day is enough to set the mind on overdrive and come up with combinations that would probably would not have been together minus a limit on time before the whining begins and a very loud rumbling tummy. Necessity may be the mother of inventions but hunger follows right after.

Unfortunately, there are no pictures of the hastily put together sandwich due to the obvious rush of the situation, but also because I have forgotten to make space in the camera for the 3rd month going. My phone cannot be swiped without the aid of a wet wipe.

This Eggcoli sandwich is good for a quick snack ,or a meal along with a bowl of yoghurt or fruit.

Eggcoli sandwich ingredients:

Tortilla wrap (wholemeal/regular)

Blanched broccoli florets-handful

Hard boiled egg

Squirt of garlic mayonnaise (yes, store bought- the risk of salmonella from incorrectly making and storing mayonnaise trumps my obsession with homemade goodies. In other words, one just cannot be bothered.)

Assemble them as you please, wrap, toast and enjoy!

Bon appetit!


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