Why I do not let my husband babysit our children; you shouldn’t too.


I have never asked him to babysit the children and do not plan on doing so in the future.

As a study/work-at-home mother, I do need a couple of hours a day to take my eyes off our young progeny; as cumbersome as it may seem to deal with the process of hiring a babysitter, my husband has never offered to babysit them.

This unanimous decision(by the panel of 2 parents) was made the moment we knew of the impending arrival of our first offspring.

My husband has never babysat our children.

He parents them.

Describing the slow process of my blood boiling is as difficult as experiencing that sensation every time I hear about a father stating that he is “babysitting” his own children.

I believe I do not need to add “and mothers” into the statement as it is quite rare for mothers to say that they are “babysitting”, although I do know of a mother who includes “babysitting” her much-awaited little baby along with her list of chores like cleaning and cooking. This exceptional case should not matter in the statistics as she also believes her baby’s colic got better because she stopped washing the baby’s clothes in the washing machine but will refuse to accept any medically proven information at point blank. Ignorant? Could be. Stupid? Definitely

A babysitter would be someone who temporarily cares for a child, either for monetary payment or as a favour. A parent on the other hand, is a full-time post or job- for the lack of a better word.

How is it that a mother who takes care of her children all through the day is considered to be doing “her job” and will be absolutely ostracised from society if she even dares to say that it is not her responsibility alone? And when a father does the same for a few hours, they are immediately nominated for knighthood?

While saluting fathers who are being both mommy and daddy to their children, and accepting that I am blatantly stereotyping, I question the intelligence behind this situation.

The title is parents, not parent and babysitter.

Both parents should PARENT their children no matter what their living situations maybe and not taking into consideration any kind of duration. Methods and styles would vary but what each parent does is basically, parenting.

A father should not be praised by the world for looking after his children for few hours while the mother does something absolutely unmotherly, like take a shower for longer than 2 minutes or heaven-forbid, reads a book by herself. He should be praised for being a father and for being there for his family.

Fathers, stop posting pictures of the cute atrocities you do when you “babysit” and instead, be proud of being able to co-parent.

Mothers, take a break and stop hounding yourselves with guilt-trips about asking the daddy to “babysit” once he is back from work.

Mini rant over.


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