For a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down


Did you know that in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun?

You would, if you have to sit through that song on repeat once in every few days.

Most days the lyrics are hazy but on one particularly good day, I paid attention to them and realised that although I do not agree with all of Mary Poppins’ child rearing ideas, this song does make sense. It actually has a lot to teach me as I whine my way through laundry and cleaning up.

Cooking and organising are a breeze as I enjoy doing them but even my daughter’s encouraging song of “cleaning cleaning, I can clean with you!”, has no effect on my mood when it’s time to clean up the war torn living room. Or the rest of the house.

This offering of a sweet to drown the bitterness happens in so many different ways.

Its that treat we offer kids once they take their sniffles medicines.

Its that pinch of sugar sprinkled into a pot of simmering bittergourd.

Its that extra large bite of donut to counteract the bitterness of horrid latte that you pronounced so accurately (hold on to this- the latte horror story would be up soon).

It is most commonly offered in the form of “I don’t meant to offend you…but…” which is almost always followed with an offensive statement or opinion.

I get it. The itch to smack obnoxity right across is quite strong but with a bit of restraint, kicking them down with words could be avoided too.

Being a person who believed in utilising high pitched screeching as a form of weaponry, it took a while to realise the benefits of swallowing that bitter pill of silence and kicking back and reaping the sweetness of that later on.

A few snide and sarcastic comments do occasionally slip out. The latest one was me asking a lady who was on some insane sadist mission as she claimed over and over again how fat I was (yes, fat was the word she used), to consider taking a look at the mirror now and then. I did not just fall off the wagon; I rolled off it.

I vow time and time again to use my new-found ability to try and be quiet about issues that do not directly involve me and to handle the ones that involve me in a more mature manner. Any relapsing alcoholic would sympathise with the struggle. This bitter pill of not voicing every opinion or not picking on every argument/statement gets its sweetness much later than desired. But it’s sweet. Oh so sweet. * you may picture an evil grin.

You can always add more sugar if your guests find the coffee a tad bit bitter.

What sweetener would you use for the words they find to be quite bitter?


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